This is my initial concept pitch for a FOXES tour poster, we ended up going in a much more simple direction, But i do like this colorway and pattern fills
Here is a Dune Rats tee design I did up a while ago but it never ended up making it to print cos they got a third member not long after it was completed, but i was really stoked on it. Digging through my hardrive finding some cool old stuff.
Always love seeing rad shots of Soho playing with my blazing skull as their backdrop, Here is @Lukehenery doing that thing he does at Splendor, again not sure who shot it though, if it was you, THANKS! and shoutout
Some pencil sketch studies from a mural piece i did a while back featuring a bunch of Melbourne landmarks
Sometimes me and Rone dress the same by accident, Actually, he dresses like that everyday and I should have known better. Made for a good gif though
Hand cut plywood sign made for my lovely friends Kat and Christine at PONY Cafe which you should make the time to go visit. Right next to the Yarra, attached to the artplay building.
Here’s a great photo of the crowd at the Melbourne Something for Kate show watching my film at the start of the set, Sadly I don’t know who took it, if it was you shout out!
Heres a flyer i drew up for a rad show we are playing with our brothers in Dr Piffle. Get Dem!
Our new Everfresh studio in setup stages 
This is what happens when i get to do art for mates that are doing very well. Could have just been a text poster though really. Awesome violent-soho
Violent Soho have been killing it all around Aus at the moment. Here is a shot from somewhere on the groovin the moo tour where they have been using my illustrations on the big screens while they play.
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