I recently did up all the artwork for the upcoming Violent Soho and The Smith St Band tour. Two bands that are totally killing it right now heading out together, no surprise that shows have been selling out in only a few hours. Was a fun 90s Kozik/coop kind of feel for the illustration and color scheme.
The teeth i painted on the Sea Shepherd Sam Simon have been recreated in this awesome model replica!
Illustration and type treatment for the latest AFENDS mens range. Cant wait to get back to byron and work on some new projects with these guys. Hi Sam! Hi Bec!
Some little icons i drew as part of a Violent Soho tee shirt graphic got digitized and turned into socks. The future is now!
Some recent Violent Soho merch that i have designed. I guess black on white ink illustrations work well for them, Which is great cos its my favourite.

Hot Dog and Hamburger
Ink and brush type treatment I did for the new I Oh You records summer tee.
I sent a copy of my thrasher font zine to Josh @ Rebel8 which he liked enough to give me a shout out on instagram and their blog. Kewl! 
Parkway Drive Mini USA tour poster art.
Here’s a rejected tour poster art for DRENGE that I did.
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